Justine Barone, DVM


Dr. Justine Barone grew up in South Florida, with a constant stream of household pets and frequent exposure to many species of wildlife and other exotic animals.  

She earned her B.A. at University of Chicago in 2003 and worked for a non-profit organization for several years before pursuing her lifelong interest in veterinary medicine.  She completed a combined degree program at Colorado State University, earning her DVM and MBA degrees concurrently.  Dr. Barone is certified in veterinary medical acupuncture and enjoys addressing chronic pain in dogs and cats as well as working with clients to prevent and manage disease across all stages of their pets’ lives.  In her free time, Dr. Barone enjoys playing tennis, hiking, fly-fishing, nose-work, and spending time with her husband, two cats, and wild Labrador Retriever

Dr. Justine Barone, DVM